products liability

| December 14, 2015

Can I sue an online merchant for a bad product?

Hi, I bought a product online for skin care. The product description was wrong and the facts about the product was also wrong, shortly after purchasing I developed a deliberating skin condition that has caused me emotional distress, once I found myself going through this I contacted the merchant and expressed my situation and I was then sent another product to which I am sure was deliberately ,purposely sent which was not what I asked for to ruin my skin worst. After sometime I did not realize I could sue for something but a friend of mines, told me it may be possible. I want to know if this is possible, this skin condition has ruined my life and stopped my quality of life, and this is not an under statement, I also realized this merchant is selling illegal products that should not be sold, maybe if I had done in depth research I would have known better, but I did not know or expect something like this to happen, I was new ordering products online and I made terrible decision.

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