Production and Growth

| March 11, 2014

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Answer exactly 3 of the 5 questions below. Excluding the
diagrams that you are asked to print out (and include in your homework), your answers should
take around 1 page in Times New Roman font 12 (no less than 3/4 page and no more than 1.5
Production and Growth
Question 1:
Use google public data explorer and print out the following two diagrams: Selected countries are USA
and Turkey, and the data types plotted are:
World Development Indicators and Labor and Social Protection, GDP per capita, PPP (constant 2005
international $)
World Development Indicators,Economic Policy and Debt, GDP per person employed (constant 1990
PPP $)
When you look at the diagrams, what comes to your mind as a factor that contributes to the higher GDP
per capita value in the USA? How do you think the difference in the two countries in this factor will
change in future? What would be the impact of this change on relative GDP per capita values in the two
Question 3:
A group of emerging economies with high GDP values is the so-called BRIC, or in long, Brazil, Russia, India
and China.
Use google public data explorer and print out the following diagram: Selected countries are BRIC
countries and Turkey, and the data type plotted is: World Development Indicators, Economic Policy and Debt > Foreign direct investment, net inflows (%
of GDP)
Looking at the diagram: Do you think Turkey is attracting much FDI? In which years were FDI for Turkey
highest and lowest? What do you think has happened in Turkey in these years that caused FDI to take its
highest and lowest values?
Question 4:
Do you think there is a free rider problem across countries in creating knowledge? Where do you think
the return to R&D is higher: In an advanced country (e.g., USA) or a developing one (e.g., Turkey)? In a
large country (e.g., China) or a small one (e.g., Taiwan)? Discuss and justify your answers.
Question 5:
Use google public data explorer and print out the following diagram: Selected countries and regions are
the World, Sub Saharan Africa, Turkey, Europe & Central Asia, and the data type plotted is:
World Development Indicators Health Fertility rate
Do you think the World faces an ever-increasing population problem? What is a replacement rate? What
are the issues in a country whose fertility rate is below the replacement rate? Do you agree with the
Turkish PM Erdogan who encourages families in Turkey to have more children? Discuss.
please write which question you answered.
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