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| December 14, 2015

Will a conditional discharge plea in NJ for Marijuana + Paraphernalia affect my K-1 Visa Petition from Canada?

I am a Canadian citizen, currently in the process of obtaining a K-1 Visa to marry my American Fiance. We have received NOA2 and awaiting for our petition to be sent to Montreal. I recently saw mention on a message board about minor drug arrests affecting visa approval. This was news to me…

In 2004 while on a student visa in the USA I was arrested in the state of NJ for possession of drug paraphernalia (2C:36-2) and a controlled substance less than 50 grams (marijuana) (2C:35-10a) I was granted Conditional Discharge (or on the court order “was granted suspended proceedings” for one year, which passed with no problem. After graduating I left the USA but have visited many times. Once at the border an officer asked about my arrest, but never again since then.

Will I have issues at my K-1 beneficiary interview because of this arrest?

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immigration law
immigration law

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