Pro/Con Assignment .

| May 18, 2015

Pro/Con Assignment .

For this assignment you will be making a list of ten good things and ten bad things. If you are currently in a romantic relationship, base it on that. If not, base it on your most recent romantic relationship. If you have never been in a romantic relationship, base it on your relationship with your mother or father.
– Make a list of ten reasons that you like (or liked) being in a relationship with this person. It can be personal characteristics that you like (e.g. he is handsome, she is funny) or specific things that this person does or you do together (e.g. great sex, he cooks for me).
– Make a list of ten things that you don’t like (or didn’t like) about being in a relationship with this person. Again, this can be personal characteristics or specific things that the person does.
– Give each of the things on your list a numerical score based on how much they matter (or mattered) to you. So if something makes you extremely happy, it should get an extremely high score. If it’s nice but not that important to you, it should get a low score.
It works the same way for things you dislike. If you absolutely hate something or it was the reason you broke up, it should get a very high score. If something just mildly annoys you, it should get a low score.
– The scores do not have any set scale, and it is not a ranking (meaning ordering in importance from one to ten). Seven things on your good list could all be scored 5, one could be 25, one could be 100, and one could be 1000 (or 100,000 or 1,000,000).
You decide whatever numbers most accurately reflect your feelings about how important each thing is to you.
– When you are done with your lists, add up the scores for the good items to get a total score and add up the scores for the bad items to get a total score.
Behavioral vs. Personal Complaint Assignment – due: 5/18 (10 pts extra credit)
1. Describe the difference between a “behavioral complaint” and a “personal complaint.”
2. Give an example (in quotes) of a behavioral complaint. Label it Behavioral Complaint.
3. Give an example (in quotes) of a personal complaint. Label it Personal Complaint.
4. Use your critical thinking skills and what we have learned in class so far.
What do you think is wrong with the behavioral complaint example that is given in your textbook?
Lee’s Love Styles Research Assignment (20 pts) Due: 5/13
– Download & complete your love style questionnaire. Staple it to the front of your love style research assignment. (5 pts)
– Find a study about Lee’s love styles published in a peer reviewed journal. Print or photocopy the entire article.
– Read the study and highlight the major findings. (5 pts)
– Write a one to two paragraph summary of the research study and its findings. (5 pts)
– Write one paragraph specifically explaining what the researchers found about your primary love style
(the love style or styles you had the highest score on). (5 pts)
Requirements – (ALL requirements must be met in order to receive any credit)
– Article must be a research study published in a peer reviewed journal and you must have the full text. (Research studies include sections that describe the Methods, Results, and Discussion.)
– Article must be from within the last twenty years (preferably more recent).
– Article must be focused on American research subjects. It can include people from another country or compare Americans to people from another country, but it cannot be based exclusively on research subjects from another country. Be sure to read the description of participants in the Methods section and check the university affiliations of the researchers to determine this information.
You can access thousands of free full-text journal articles through Mesa’s library databases. When you search the databases, you can limit your searches to only full-text articles and only articles from peer reviewed journals by putting a check in those options.
I would expect that the JSTOR database and Psychology and Behavioral Science, SocINDEX with Full Text, and PsycARTICLES (listed if you click the category of Psychology) would probably be the most useful databases for this assignment, but there could definitely be articles in other databases as well.
When you search the databases for articles, I would suggest that you try searching for different variations of the words (e.g. lovestyle, “love styles”) in order to get the best results.

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