| January 14, 2015

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This SLP focuses on Enterprise Systems that support a business process integration in an organization. All organizations have business processes that interact, If you are in the military or other Government agency, your organization has many departments that interact with each other. Some may have systems that interact with each other. Before getting ready to discuss business process integration, read the following articles:
Tulu Tanrikorur (2007, May 7), Business Process Management 101: The Basics of BPM and How to Choose the Right Suite, Information Week, Retrieved from
ALAGSE (n.d.), Business Process Integration (BPI), Retrieved from,
wiseGEEK (n.d.) What is Business Process Integration?, Retrieved from,
Know that you have some background on what it is.
Read: “Business Process Management and Integration Solutions” at SAP ERP website along with the video, customer stories and white papers.
In this SLP paper, Please review and discuss Business Process Management and Integration software details with the following questions specifically:
What are the potential benefits of one or more of the solutions identified by SAP? Specifically identify which solution or solutions you selected.
Do you agree with them? Discuss and analyze. Explain why you agree or disagree. Try and explain the benefit that the SAP solutions you selected bring to an organization.
Using the knowledge you gained on business process integration and the tools that support them, discuss how this enterprise module might be useful to your organization? In discussing this state whether your organization has or does not have, one or more Enterprise Systems for production or procurement and whether the people that run them could use the tools you identified.

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We live in a world where the internet plays a pinnacle role in our day to day lives. Discuss how the internet has caused an ethical debate on our information privacy.
Why is it important for a business (or organization) to be aware of business process interdependencies and the potential impact each decision can have across the organization


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