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Write 2-3 pages analyzing a process of your choice. Your approach may be either informational
or directional. After dividing the process into clear steps, be certain to use transitions to keep the
reader with you as you move through the process. Within each step, include plenty of
descriptive details so the reader has a thorough understanding. Remember that you are either
explaining or informing, and an occasional explanation of “why” is helpful. An interesting
presentation is achieved with strong verbs and intriguing introductions and conclusions. To
further develop your process analysis, work for sentence variety. Use the present tense (the
action occurs as I read it) and the pronoun “I” (not “you”) in your writing. As a final revision,
tell me WHY understanding this process is important. Title your essay in a more interesting way
than the following topic ideas (try: 10 Ways to Keep Your Keys!).
Process Analysis Directional Topic Ideas: Process Analysis Informational Topic Ideas:
How to bake bread How consumers make up their minds
How to kick a habit (losing keys) How a political candidate runs for office
How to win at poker How an appliance works
How to write a letter of complaint How a bad habit develops
How to groom a horse How spenders fall into debt
How to buy a used piano / car How the Social Security System works
How to make an effective complaint How managing a/an _________ works
How to improve the place you work How a ______________ does his / her job
How to build (or fly) a kite How a dead thing decays (or any natural process)
*** One tip my students have found useful over time is to use a model, and name him or her, to
demonstrate the steps in the process. This solves the “you” problem and makes the process very
real for the reader. For example, “In building a kite, Jane must first gather all the supplies.”
Personal Prewriting:
My process analysis will be about: __________________________________________ The
point or benefit of understanding this process is: ___________________________

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