| December 15, 2015

Go to the specified location and proceed with your observations.

a. The easiest way to do this is to find a place to sit quietly and to simply watch what is going on.

i. Please do not talk to or interview people during this time.

b. Take handwritten (recommended) notes in a small notebook and/or mental notes of:

i. details about the scene itself (time of day, lighting, furniture, plants, sounds, temperature, smell, vibe/energy, etc)

ii. the people around you, not only their behavior but general information about their characteristics (age, race/ethnicity, gender, class, etc)

iii. what you see people doing

1. this is the heart of your description and should provide the instructor of how the people you saw were involved in the scene you were observing

iv. your thoughts and feelings while observing may be a brief section of the paper.

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