procedural justice as it relates to law enforcement and a police organization

| July 25, 2015
  • Write a research paper providing the scholarly definition of procedural justice as it relates to law enforcement and a police organization. Your examination must include and in-depth analysis of human perspective of police organizations and how they affect crime prevention and community interactions. Furthermore, explore the role of a police executive and how their styles may increase efficacy and legitimacy. Describe in your scholarly opinion the qualities of a great police organization and explain the rationale of your findings. Lastly, discuss some of the consequences bad community oriented approaches and their respect for police organization initiatives.
  • The research paper must be 10-pages in length using APA format. These 10 pages do not include the cover sheet, abstract, or the reference page (which ALL are required). The research paper must include NO less than 6 peer-reviewed sources, one of which must be your assigned class book.

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