Private Security

| May 21, 2015

Private Security

select an organization for which you will do a risk analysis. This organization can be your employer or it can be a not-for-profit, such as a church or a library. At the end of Workshop 1, submit your choice.

During the course of the class, you will complete the Basic Security Plan found in Appendix A, beginning on page 323, of your textbook. Based on the results, you will complete a report directed to the chief officer of that organization. In your report, you will discuss the three areas the organization needs the must attention and the three areas which the organization appears to be best prepared. You will also complete outside research from which you will integrate information you find into your final paper.

The following is the text from the class

Clifford, Mary, PhD. Identifying and Exploring Security Essentials. Upper Saddle River,
New Jersey: Pearson, 2004

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