Private prisons. Are they viable alternatives in today's world? Discuss issues related to having private prisons. Compare and contrast a public and private prison for organizational structure, staff to inmate ration, violence within each, accreditation,

| August 19, 2015

Choose ONE of the following and submit a 4+ page. Use criteria in the syllabus. Plagiarism software IS used on these papers. You will NOT use Wikipedia as a source.The pages do NOT include a cover page or reference page. You must have at least two sources from the TU Library.
You will have ONE article as a reference and citation from the TU Library and one from the text or another source. Use APA. There is an APA source in external links which is found to be helpful by many. You must cite sources in the body of the paper and in a reference page.

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Drug Offenders: Punishment or Treatment.
Cyber Security

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