Privacy and Data Protection

| July 28, 2015

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the question is: Critically analyse the concepts of privacy and data protection and their legal distinction under EU law focusing, in particular, on the current perceived diversity, and discussing whether and to what extent the two may collide.

please note that this is a resit exam and this is my last chance if I fail this time I won’t get my masters degree. my tutor is so strict so ill provide the pp slides to the writer please read them all and then start to write the coursework. 
– the recommended book is: Kuner, EU Data Protection Law, Oxford University Press (2007) 
– the referencing style is OSCOLA and I will download the referencing guide for this style.
– plz include a table of content 
– every page has to have at least 4 footnotes . and every paragraph has to have at least one reference. 
– also I want the writing style to be easy to understand in case the tutor compare it with my previous work.


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