Prior Learning Assessment Portofolio

| October 28, 2015

Accounting, Business Management, Human Resources Management, Marketing, Information Systems Management, Behavioral and Social Science

1.         ACCT 301 Accounting for Nonaccounting Managers/ Accounting

2.         BEHS 320 Disability Studies/ Behavioral and Social Science

3.         BEHS 380 End of Life: Issues and Perspectives/ Behavioral and Social Science

4.         BMGT 365 Organizational Leadership/ Business Management

5.         BMGT 464 Organizational Behavior/ Business Management

6.         HRMN 302 Organizational Communication/ Human Resources Management

7.         MRKT 310 Marketing Principles/ Marketing

8.         MRKT 395 Managing Customer Relationships/ Marketing

9.         IFSM 300 Information Systems in Organizations/ Information Systems Management

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