Principles of Information Systems

| June 19, 2015

Principles of Information Systems

Review and think about the material in Topics 1-4 in more depth. do some research using the Library and Internet resources. Findit is a very simple and effective way to search the library collections: see
The assignment consists of 4 questions, worth equal marks. You should attempt all questions. All answers should be word processed, spell checked and grammar checked. When you use reference material it MUST be properly acknowledged and referenced: see section ‘Referencing’ next.
There is no specified word length for any of the answers, but some suggestions are given.

Pay particular attention to ensuring you clearly distinguish your own words from those that you are quoting or paraphrasing from other sources: this is very important. See Please note that copying and pasting a section of text from a source and replacing some of the words using a thesaurus or synonym generator is NOT acceptable.
If you are not sure whether you are referencing or paraphrasing correctly, please ASK – your lecturer/tutor and the Unit Coordinator will be very pleased to help you! It is much better to sort out any misunderstandings early so that you can learn from the process.
Note that you may NOT use Wikipedia, the textbook or the lecture slides as references in any of the questions: the aim is for you to do your own research from primary sources.
You should also read the Murdoch site on Academic Integrity at
Plagiarism-checking software
The University uses software called Turnitin which checks for plagiarism. Please note that when assignments are submitted electronically to Turnitin by you or your Unit Coordinator, a copy of your work is retained on the database to check collusion and future plagiarism. The University has a legal agreement with Turnitin that it will not share or reproduce student work in any form. See
You don’t have to use Turnitin for this assignment, but it will be available if you wish to use it. Please note that submitting your assignment to Turnitin doesn’t automatically submit it to your tutor for assessment – you still have to do that separately.
Question 1: Informatics projects of the world (25 marks)
In Topic 1, we said that the themes of informatics apply to just about any discipline. This question asks you to find some examples of informatics projects across a variety of subject areas, and discuss how informatics techniques are being applied in them. To make it more interesting, you will also look at a variety of regions of the world.
The map at shows the United Nations geographical subregions of the world. Select any 2 (two) of the subregions, and for any country in that region, find an example of an informatics project that is currently being undertaken. We can define an informatics project here as one in which the main focus of the project is to do with information.
Possible subject areas could be in: art, music, business, museums and cultural archives, law, politics, environmental science, health, linguistics, and many others. Some suggested applications were described in Topic 1 and the textbook, section 0.1.2, and you may have found others in Tutorial 1. (For example: an instance of informatics being applied in a cultural heritage project would be the Australian Newspapers Digitisation Program, described at
For each of your projects:
a) Give the reference to where the project is described. Make sure you follow the correct referencing format (e.g. whether it is a journal article, the project web site, etc.). Don’t just give the URL.
b) Give a brief overview description of the project in your own words – do not copy and paste from the website or article.
c) Discuss how informatics is being applied in the project. (Here you should focus on how the information involved in the project is being discovered, collected, stored, transformed, communicated and used to inform people, solve problems or make decisions.)
d) What are the main problems or issues faced by the project? Are these related more to the technological aspects or to the human ones?
There is no fixed word length, but you should aim for at least half a page on each project.
You will be marked for this question on the following criteria:
? Good examples, relevant to the ‘broad themes’ of informatics discussed in Topic 1.
? Quality of the summary, in providing a concise and informative overview of the project.
? A good discussion of how informatics is being used in the project
? Good identification of issues faced by the project
? Correct and complete referencing details.
Question 2: Problem solving: where should my office be? (25 marks)
Suppose that you are setting up a small business and need to find an office to run it from. You need to consider all the constraints that would apply in deciding the type of office and location that you would need.
For the purposes of the question, you should define what your business is to be about and use that as the specific context for your solution: for example, do you expect your clients to come to your office? If so, you will need to consider the availability of parking.
You can choose whatever small business you wish: for example, an IT consultancy; mathematics tutoring for high school students; dressmaking and alterations; wedding planning; and so on. If you have run a small business in real life, you can make use of your own experience.


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