Principles of Geographical Inquiry

| July 2, 2016

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For this assessment you will present an independent analysis of the quantitative survey data collected by the entire class and the qualitative responses from your group’s surveys. This report will contain a mix of qualitative and quantitative analysis of the data collected in the markets and will include a minimum of three figures, one table and one map drawn from the student-collected data.

The report should respond to the following question: Using the concepts explored in the module – and with reference to appropriate literature – use a mix of qualitative, quantitative, and spatial analysis of survey data collected by the entire class to examine the geographical impact of one aspect of London markets. Examples of this impact could include, but is not limited to: their economic impact, their environmental footprint, their role in tourism, or their role in food access for different socioeconomic groups.

You will need to make clear: what impact you are examining; why you think it’s worth examining; how it illustrates conceptual issues explored in class; how your use of the survey data supports your analysis; and what potential issues – strengths and limitations – affect the wider relevance your findings.

The following specific requirements apply (over and above the official Coursework Submission Requirements):

Required elements of the qualitative research report:

Introduction: purpose of the study and links to wider issues.

Literature Review: relevant literature (some of which must be from peer-reviewed journals).

Methodology: explanation of the survey design, administration, and an overview of the respondents.

Results: analysis of open-ended questions supported, where relevant, by the closed questions.

Conclusions: brief summary of most interesting findings and insights into wider issues.

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