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| July 27, 2016

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In a survey of almost 1,500 executives, Spanish was cited as the second most useful language

in business English. Chinese came in third, followed by French, German, Japanese and Italian.

Only 24 percent of financial executives around the world said that they rated the risks of

globalization as moderate. A poll by Harris Interactive showed that 58 percent Americans say

they are satisfied with their lives. Other results from this poll showing how satisfied individuals

are with their lives: Danes-64 percent; Germany-21 percent; and Italians-16 percent. A poll by

Korn/ Ferry International found that 9 out of 10 executive recruiters believe that job candidates

who speak only one language will be less and less marketable in the years ahead.




  1. What are the managerial implications of a borderless organization?
  2. Compare the advantages and drawbacks of the various approaches to going global.
  3. What challenges might confront a Mexican manager transferred to the United States to

manage a manufacturing plant in Tucson, Arizona? Will these be the same for a U.S

manager transferred to Guadalajara? Explain.

  1. In what ways do you think global factors have changed the way organizations select and

train managers? What impact might the internet have on this? Explain.

  1. How might a continued war on terrorism impact U.S managers and companies doing

business globally?

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