principle businesses of investment banks.

| October 19, 2015

Identify and describe the three principle businesses of investment banks.
Investment bankers are typically assigned to work in either a product group or a client coverage group. Please describe how a product group is structured and operates and please describe how a client coverage group is structured and operates.
Describe the non-client related trading and investment activities of investment bankers.
Section 2, 1 Question – No More Than Three Pages
What is your opinion on how investment banking should be regulated on a global basis? How should standards be set? What should those standards be? How should the standards be enforced?
Section 3, 1 Question – No More than Three Pages
Recall your readings from The Big Short. Describe the underlying drivers of the 2008 Financial Crisis, including the securities, the firms and the individuals who most contributed to the crisis.
Section 4, 1 Question –No More Than Three Pages
Based on your personality, skills, talents and interests, describe the area or areas of investment banking that you would find the most interesting and rewarding to work in should you decide to seek a position in the investment banking industry.

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