Primary Source Analysis

| September 28, 2015

Primary Source Analysis

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The Nineteenth-century Evolution of the Imperial Economy

Write a 300–500-word analysis of Mr. Thomas Macaulay’s initial speech to the House of Commons on the topic of “War with China” on 7 April 1840. (This is the second speech on the webpage, beginning on page 704 of Hansard and ending on page 720; page numbers in blue in the right-hand margin). Macaulay, whom we have met before, was at this time MP for Edinburgh as well as Secretary at War. He is in this piece responding to other members, and making his own argument, about the Opium War. Please note that speeches in the House of Commons were recorded for Hansard in the third person. Be sure to draw historical conclusions that are well supported by evidence from the source itself.

“War with China.” HC Deb 07 April 1840, vol 53 cc704-720. Retrieved from:

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Ethnic and Cultural Factors in Health Decisions
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