Price Floor and Price Ceiling and minimum wage

| March 11, 2014

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Minimum Wage is a frequent topic of political debate. Analyze the pros and cons of such a policy using the relevant theoretical construct.(Price Floor and Price Ceiling)。 Illustrate your arguments with empirical (real world) examples. Compare with other states or cities or provide an International comparison with a country of your choice where Minimum wage exists/or existed in the past. Provide graph or charts.
Introduction The essay should begin with an introductory paragraph outlining the problem and defining whatever needs to be defined.
? Focus of your essay (What questions/issues you will be raising/analyzing/trying to find answers?) needs to be explicitly stated.
Define: (Depends on which topic you are attempting)
? Theory: 1/3rd, Research 2/ 3rd (Approximately). You are encouraged to review all the theories on the particular topic. Mention in the beginning if you are going to concentrate on one particular theory.
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