Prevention of premature birth in adolescent

| October 26, 2015

Utilizing the triple aim pillar and business case/cost analysis or business plan framework identified in assignment #1 (Six Sigma ), develop a business plan/analysis for your identified project ( Prevention of premature birth in adolescents ). This proposal should include: introduction with project description; overview of framework ( six sigma ); rationale; evidence-based research; financial analysis pertinent to the framework. Integrate into the executive summary a discussion of how this particular project ‘fits’ in the current health care environment in terms of triple aim (i.e. access, quality, and/or cost).
• Incorporate elements of part one into final paper
• Develop a business plan, or analysis for your identified project
• Incorporate evidence that supports use of this framework
• Develop an executive summary
5 pages, double spaced, strict APA style
Assigemnt part 1 is at the beginning , the framework used was Six Sigma and Triple Aim was mentioned . My project is preventing premature births in adolescents patients , please follow the goals and objectives of this paper as the instructor instructed , my instructor is very strict on APA also please be advised of this, he took points off my forst ine for this reason , I laso need evidence based practice and not to many citations since he wants paper to be as originally as possible . My first assigment wasnt graded high at all so please i need a high grade and the best quality in this paper . If you have any questions please contact me.

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Quantitative and Qualitative Research Review


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