Prevention and Disruption

| March 27, 2015

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• Discuss a case study of prevention and disruption in relation to a specific terrorist or organized crime problem. 
• The essay must begin by stating the problem clearly
• The essay must make use of and refer to the literature (and if applicable, other similar problems or cases)
• The essay should engage critically with theory and practice in relation to responses to the problem addressed
• You will need to find your own materials relating to the problem you are addressing as well as those listed in the course description
• Jihadist suicide terrorism
• Chinese human smuggling
• A situational approach to making prostitution more resistant to human trafficking
• The Channel Programme and prevention of violent extremism
• Examining the UK Action Plan on tackling human trafficking
• Measuring the disruption of organized criminal networks
• The prevention and disruption of terrorist attacks on public aircraft
• Preventing and disrupting aircraft hijackings and sabotage: Could we be doing better?
• Protecting “crowded places” from terrorist attack
• To what extent can current measures against the human trafficking industry be considered effective?
• Using situational crime prevention to counter identity based terrorism


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Application of criminological theories to a criminal event
Annotated Timeline


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