Prevalence of Obesity Among School Children

| February 23, 2014

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Prevalence of Obesity Among School Children n effective review analyses and synthesizes material, and it should meet the following requirements: (Caulley, 1992)
Compare and contrast different authors’ views on an issue
Group authors who draw similar conclusions,
Criticise aspects of methodology,
Note areas in which authors are in disagreement,
Highlight exemplary studies,
Identify patterns or trends in the literature
Highlight gaps in and omissions in previous research or questions left unanswered
Show how your study relates to previous studies,
Show how your study relates to the literature in general,
Conclude by summarizing what the literature says.
A literature review has a number of purposes. It enables you to :

Define and limit the problem you are working on,
Place your study in a historical perspective,
Avoid unnecessary duplication,
Evaluate promising research methods,
Relate your findings to previous knowledge and suggest further research.
Give your Supervisor a sense of your research interests.
so please write about the below following headings please this is PHD level so I need high quality papers.

Potential implications of childhood obesity
a. Health implications
You know the medical disease links to obesity please write about it.
b. Social implications
Relation with friends and family you the impact of this
c. Economic implications
You know how much obesity cost
3. Government-focused approach
We need to talks about the role of government in different country and how much government play important role to combat obesity
4. Family-focused approach
The important of parent?s role in order to stop obesity
5. School-focused approach
You the school how much play important role through the school canteen or the curriculum or teach as model for student
6. School nurse-focused approach
Please this is very important so talks about the role of school nurses and the can use health education.
8. Summary
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what role do food producers play in the rising levels of obesity.
Health and Welfare of the Elderly in Hampton Roads, Virginia


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