Prevalence of Fatigue among Pilots

| March 14, 2014

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A literature review:
-Fatigue generally
-Occupational Fatigue
-Fatigue in Aviation (pilots):
1) General Information
2) Prevalence
3) Risk factors
a) Circadian rhythm
b) Work
i) Pattern of shift
ii) Flight’s destination
iii) Flight’s length (short/long hauls)
iv) Roster disruption- Change in schedule
v) Work layover/rest periods.
vi) Low/high cost companies.
c) Sleeping problem
d) Stress
e) Age
f) Gender
g) Social support
h) General Health/habits (Smoking specifically)
-FFA Regulation for fatigue and controlling measure to minimizing the risk.
Any additional risk factors or any additional information found in regard to the topic, cover as much papers available as possible.
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