Presidential candidate and their leadership principles

| September 24, 2015

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You will turn in by eCollege document sharing; the following elements in your paper that will approximately 8 pages in length. A standard format of any writing style is acceptable. Use 12 point Times New Roman font, double spacing, and a reference page. For internet citations, use the url and the title of the article or webpage.
Include a:
•Cover Page –Use these elements in your title: Advanced Leadership, Summer 2015 Study Abroad, Analysis of Political Leader _____name the person___, Dr. Mac, your name, and the date you are sending in the paper. 5 points
Use the following headers and minimum length requirements in your document.
•Introduction: include objective or purpose statement/s which should reference leadership and address areas such as the importance of understanding how morality is generated or exists within individuals and groups, culture as a contextual influence, the importance of understanding the effects of leaders and both their actions and how they address morality in their communication. Finally, name the political leader you have chosen to analyze. Political party is not important for your grade. 10 points. ¾ pge
•Framework: provide the theoretical framework you are going to use to do your analysis. Information from Haidt is a must; you also can include main characteristics of Authentic Leadership or Transformational Leadership as a way to provide a wider analysis of the leader’s actions and/or beliefs later on in your paper. 20 points; 2 pages
•Political Leader: give the name and the office for which this individual is running. Then describe what you can find from the internet, in journals, or magazines about the leader. The main focus will be the platform or campaign as this will contain most of the leader’s beliefs, values or moral elements, however it would be informative to include some brief personal side… where they were born, raised, schooled, and the like as this will provide some contextual information that might have relevance. When you provide the platform or campaign elements, be sure to include actions that support the leader’s beliefs if you can find any. And of course, any actions or behaviors the leader has taken to the contrary or that contradict the published beliefs also are interesting and could provide insights as well. What you find may dictate the direction your paper will take. But in this section do not YET discuss the framework, just describe the life and leadership of the person. 20 points; 2 pages
•Analysis: in this section you will be analyzing the ideas you have included in the Political Leader section according to the ideas and models you have included in the Framework section. This is the critical thinking section of the paper. You can offer more than one way of considering an action or a communication (what the leader does, what s/he says) to show you understand what Authentic leadership framework would suggest, what Turiel would suggest, or how Haidt might interpret the leader’s approach and attempts to influence. Have fun with this, just show me you understand the frameworks by applying them properly and then show me you can use good logic at arriving at your analytical ideas. 30 points; 3 pages
•Conclustion: revisit your introduction. Make sure you touch on the main ideas in your summary and wrap up the paper. 5 points ½ page
Format: following these instructions, using headers, etc. 5 points. The last 5 points are the Mystery Points. I will not tell you how to earn them, so persuade me with your analysis!

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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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Presidential candidate and their leadership principles


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