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| May 21, 2015


Week 7 – Regulating Global Public Relations

As global public relations is influencing the lives of many around the world, it needs to be regulated. This week, issues of power are discussed. What are the regulatory institutions vis-a-vis public relations? What are the cultural norms determining the regulation?


Curtin, Patricia A. (2007) International Public Relations. Negotiating Culture, Identity, and Power. London: Sage, pp. 51-76

Mattelart, Armand (1991) Advertising International. The Privatization of Public Space, London: Routledge, pp. 174-186


Weighting: 30%
In a group of 3, students will present their research on the topic of the current week. You are expected to associate the readings of the current week with a real-life example to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding. Your presentation should be engaging and you are expected to generate participation from the rest of the tutorial class.

Each group are required to submit an outline of the presentation one week before the presentation takes place. The outline of the presentation should not be longer than two pages. It needs to cover the following aspects:

Major point(s) of argument;
Evidences/cases supporting the argument;
Design of the presentation (i.e. structure, method of the presentation)
This is a group mark, not an individual mark.

Marking criteria

Matter (content of presentation)
Method (communication strategies and skill)
Manner (interactions, engagement of group, response to questions)

This Assessment Task relates to the following Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand and explain the relationships between public relations and advertising, the media, international actors (state, NGOs and international enterprise) and the international public;
2. Interpret the theories and practices surrounding intercultural communication and how they relate to international public relations and media and foreign policy;
3. Analyse critically international public relations campaigns;
4. Appraise the role of mass communication as a continuation and/or tool of foreign policy;
6. Examine case studies addressing international activities and agenda such as military intervention, trade policy, environmental protection and anti-terrorism;
7. Demonstrate knowledge of international public relations and communicate it to the class



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