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| November 25, 2015

this is a persuasive presentation

the topic is about “the traditional book is better than E-book”


time is limited in 5 min, do not need too much references (just 1-2), talk more about experiences from life, give me more examples.


the whole draft must be with full sentences in Microsoft Word document.

WHOLE DRAFT, FULL SENTENCES, do not give me a outline, I want specific words


think about if you do this presentation, what would you say


follow the format in the attachment

Introduction, body, conclusion


this homework is due 11/22 20:00 new york time



In today’s society, animal and pet ownership is taking centrestage; various people are into owning pets and animals for various reasons ranging from security purposes among others. However various questions have been raised by different people regarding the best method of animal training. These questions base on determining which method between reward and punishment is the best in animal training(Hummel, 1997). My presentation aims at proving the fact that a reward-based method of animal training is better than punishment-based methods.

In my presentation, I willdescribes both methods, outlines the outcome of both methods when used in training and points out the pros and cons of both methods.



Reward based training is training method that entails giving rewards to animal for behaviors’ that are pleasing and desired by the trainer or owner.This method increases the chances of the good behavior to recur again in the future: Since the animal knows by portrayingcertain behaviors it will receive a certain reward(RPSCA, 2014).

This always leads to joyful and positive response by trained animals

The method has also been proven both scientifically and by animal trainers: This gives evidence that it is actually the best method of animal training since it boosts positive behavior.

Its success is based on three basic guidelines:Good timing, short instructions and consistency.

The guidelines play key roles in nurturing animal’s characteristics to the desired way.

Punitive method

On the other hand, punishment-based method of animal training entailsuses of punitive methods i.e. use of lashes and collars to administer punishment to an animal. This method doesn’t change the animal’s behavior and infact it makes the animal more aggressive and hostile

It influences bad behavior since it imposes feelings of discomfort and inhibition of the animal’s normal behavior(Shirley, 2012).

Outcomes after animal training

To begin with, positive based methods: encourage animals to repeat the rewarded behavior more often, boosts animal stimuli and increase chances of good animal behavior. It also has a certain disadvantage: precision inrelation to the training.

Positive reinforcement is better since its boosts animal’s behaviors and makes them feel safe and wanted(Paul, 2015).

Punitive methods inhibit animal behavior, causephysical injury, create tension between the owner and the animal and instill fear in animals thus increasing chances of other unwanted behavior to occur.

It therefore leads to fear and anxiety in animals.


By defining and analyzing both methods, stating their pros and cons and outlining their implications, my presentation attests to the main idea that reward is better than punish in animal training. This is because the method rewards animals for the kind of behavior that is desirable.

It is also the most powerful tool for training animals since it increases chances of behavior repetition.My presentation proves beyond any reasonable doubt that reward is better than punish in animal training.In order to have positive and desired results,pet owners and animal trainers should consider using and employing reward-based methods while training and nurturing their animals













Hummel, J. (1997). An Introduction to Animal Training. 7-15.

Paul, M. (2015). Operant Conditioning. 3-10.

RPSCA. (2014, December 12). What is Reward-Based Dod Training. Why RPSCA Supports Reward-based Dod Training , pp. 2-8.

Shirley, C. (2012, May 24). Use of Punishment During Dog Training. Is Punishment an Effective Way in Changing a Dogs Behavior , pp. 1-5.




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