Present situation analysis (foundation for a business case)

| April 3, 2014

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Present Situation Analysis (foundation for a business case).
Present a structured analysis of performance in your present work situation to identify and provide initial evidence of a concern about the quality of clinical service delivery. This concern with performance should be consistent with a cursory understanding of clinical governance and the justification for a business case. A business case is presented when a capital investment is required to facilitate a change in work practice that will lead to performance improvements, and ultimately measurable savings, within a known period of time. Your analysis should present the context, including the aims and objectives of the service provided, including analysis of recent performance. It is important that your assignment balances description of the work context with the use of data (quantitative or numbers) that has been analysed. Academic referencing should be used as much as is possible for all data sources. This assignment is a foundation for your full business case submission in Assignment 2, but will be able to be revised following assessment for inclusion in Assignment 2.
The following structure MUST be used in presenting your Present Situation Analysis component of your business case:
1. Introduction (10% – approx 300 words) This should provide an overview of the nature and context of the service your assignment will focus upon, and identify the potential concern over the quality of service delivery.
2. Service profile (30% – approx 900 words). This should include the aims and objectives of the service (10%), and an assessment of the current state of the service (10%). It should include reference to commitments that were unable to be achieved over the past three years and a brief description of priorities for future service development (10%). This is in effect a description of demand for the service and should include met and unmet demand analysis.
3. Environmental analysis (30% – approx 900 words) This provides the detail of the service structure (such as physical environment, organisational structure and model/s of care), human resources, information systems and performance against budget and service outcomes.
4. Budget analysis (30% – approx 900 words) This provides the detail of resourcing and activity data. Analysis of the staff profile and costs as well as more detailed information about patient characteristics eg acuity and activity data. Trend analysis of key indicators over the past three years would enhance performance.
Demonstrates an understanding of the approach to funding health or aged care services, the nature of reforms to funding models and impact on activity profiles, and how they impact on operational management of resources and activities. Demonstrates an ability to analyse current service profile, resource allocation and management issues associated with a clinical governance issue in your current work context.
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