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| July 30, 2016

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  • As a member of the compliance management team employed in a legal firm you have been given the task of clarifying the organisation’s scope of operations as well as identifying, interpreting, analysing and prioritising compliance requirements.
  • The next stage of the project is for you to prepare a compliance report using the template provided at Appendix B (below).
  • When you have completed your compliance report you are then required to present the report to the project client, owner or sponsor for review and approval.
  • Your compliance report must include the following: ◦Background of project provided (approximately 100 words).

◦Compliance report template at Appendix B completed including: ◾At least ten relevant business activities are listed (for examples of business activities refer learner guide pp 11-14)

◾Key areas of compliance including all specific legislation, common law, codes, rules and standards (for examples of compliance requirements refer learner guide pp 4-7)

◾The consequences of non-compliance are listed against each activity.

◾Assign a priority rating to each requirement: ◾Priority 1 assigned to those that are critical and central to the organisation’s operations.

◾Priority 2 assigned to those that are important in some circumstances but are not central to the organisation’s operations.

◾Priority 3 assigned to those that are pertinent but are incidental to the organisation’s operations.

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