prepare a mind map and Public relations situation analysis of Sydney Opera House for oral exam

| April 3, 2014

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Organisation: Sydney Opera House
A situation analysis is the first, and arguably the most important, part of a public relations strategy. It identifies the issues an organisation faces and presents an analysis of them. This analysis drives the development of the strategy. An in-depth understanding of the situation facing the organisation, and its implications, as well as the ability to explain this clearly in a strategy, is a vital requirement for a practitioner. This assessment is designed to test your knowledge and understanding of the principles of a situation analysis. For this assessment you will prepare a ‘mind map’ showing an outline of the situation analysis for your strategy and illustrating how it applies to the principles of situation analysis.
Prepare your mind map so that you clearly show the major principles of a situation analysis. By doing this, your mind map at least should show:
• What a situation analysis is designed to do.
• What should be covered in a situation analysis?
• Why that is important.
• What you want to find out.
• How the information a situation analysis deals with will be analysed.
• How the information will be used.
• Who your project will deal with.
Using the principles of mind mapping (see the Moodle posts) list the details that ‘fill-in’ these points in the context of the issue/ issues you have selected to cover in your strategy and your organisation.
You’ll first be asked to explain your mind map in the context of your organisation and the issue or issues you are dealing with.

Here are the sources show that what is mind map, and a web to design a mind map

So I need a mind map, and explain papers which cover all above questions.
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