Preliminary Findings Report for Breaching Experiment

| November 17, 2015

Writing Your Preliminary Findings Report
1) Scope: conduct two of the three experiments you selected from Section 4
2) Length and citations: approximately 750-1000 words; use APA-style for citations, if any
3) Background readings and viewings:
1.“Norm (Social),” a Wikipedia entry posted to (or copy and paste into browser address window)
2. “What is Normal”: Exploring folkways, mores, and taboos,” a Kahn Academy video posted to YouTube:
3. “Perspectives on Deviance: Differential Association, Labeling Theory, and Stain Theory,” a Kahn Academy video posted to YouTube:
In this Preliminary Findings Report you will concisely explain to a person who did not observe your experiments what you did, what responses you received, and your own reactions. Be careful to use complete sentences and standard academic writing protocols; in other words, do not simply copy your field notes verbatim. Include these elements in this report:
1.Define the social norms that you breached (“exposed”) in the experiments you’ve conducted thus far in the course
2.Describe your norm-breaching actions and the settings in which they occurred
3.Describe the verbal and nonverbal response you observed for each experiment you conducted
4.Discuss what you believe you’ve learned thus far from this project. Did you enjoy it? Why or why not?

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