Preclinical Development for clevidipine

| February 18, 2015
This is a literature review about the Preclinical Development for clevidipine . It should under these subheading: (a) Pharmacokinetics
and Toxicity . (b) Formulation and Dosage. * no need for introduction or conclusion about the drug as this order is specific for the
Preclinical Development only. * use primary research articles and review articles. Use of References: Content must be accurate and
referenced both correctly and consistently. Correct use of references includes both: (i) in-text citations and (ii) complete listing
of cited references including all authors and article title, added as last page entitled References. Important: ( these are the
criteria for marking my assignment.) 1- provide details and accurate description of all technical areas. 2- content is all in correct
sections / subsections. 3- integrated synthesis of technical information from original and secondary, referenced sources. 4- accurate
and correct referencing throughout. 5- sustained use of technical language. 6- writing uses formal technical language throughout. 7-
very well written and carefully proofread throughout

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