Pre-marketing project reflection

| July 22, 2016

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THE TASK IS REFLECTIVE WRITING Reflect on your present skills (from your work and/or personal experience so far) in (1) collaboration, (2) creative problem solving, (3) marketing planning and (4) adopting a sustainability orientation, which all feature in the Marketing Project. Certain aspects of each of these skills you may like to comment on are set-out below. 1. Your collaboration skills, for instance:  giving and receiving criticism (e.g. in blog)  working with other people  motivating other people  overcoming difficulties  taking a fair share of the work  writing collaboratively. 2. Your creative problem solving skills, for instance  gaining insight into customer needs  thinking divergently, building mental flexibility  risk taking  tolerating ambiguity, opportunity seeking  evaluating different ideas. 3. Your marketing planning skills, for instance:  developing customer value  developing a competitive offering  being disciplined and methodical, planning systematically  applying appropriate marketing strategies  evaluating the impact of strategies  integrating concepts, seeing the big-picture. MKT00075 Marketing Principles 2016 6 4. Your skills in adopting a sustainability-orientation, for instance:  taking a long-term horizon  thinking more critically  being confident to participate in groups  creating synergies by bringing together individuals with diverse knowledge  thinking broadly, relationally, systemically  being able to motivate and manage change  solving problems and managing a project. When reflecting, you may write about (a) what you do well (b) what you don’t do so well at and (c) what you are planning to change for the future.

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