Practitioner Values in Dementia Care

| February 16, 2014

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Intended Learning Outcome:-
1) Critically evaluate the ethical basis of care for a person with dementia
2) Explore the promotion of people’s rights and the importance of encouraging them to recognize their responsibilities within their own health care
3) Critically explore social inclusion and empowerment issues
4) Challenge inequalities and injustice in the provision of care
5) Critically explore systems that safeguard and promote the ethical well-being of people receiving dementia care
Assessment Brief:
Portfolio 1 – A critically reflective report relating to the development of a system that is designed to safeguard and promote the ethical well-being of people within your care. This must include reference to values, the ethical basis of care and appropriate government legislation (approximately 1,250 words).
Portfolio 2 – A case study that will explore how you incorporated issues relating to best interest, advocacy, and empowerment. This will critically explore your level of responsibility and accountability, as well as incorporating how you ensured consent was gained, while meeting confidentiality (Approximately 1,250 words)
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