Practicum Log and Journal

| April 11, 2015
Practicum Log and Journal
My DNP Capstone project title: Guideline Use in Asthma Management in Primary Care Setting
My clinical hours come from conducting an in-depth assessment of the existing asthma management where I examine the current and evidenced-based guideline use. This involves examining & interviewing patients and providers, reviewing the literature, determining the best treatment, and recommending potential improvements. Assignments such as these gives me the opportunity to give recommendation on redesigning and improving asthma management in primary care setting while earning my DNP.
The time log and journal attached is the previous one that ended in week 3, so continue with this next write-up from week 4 to 7. This is continuation from week 3, please fix the page numbering for me. I have completed the time-log, then use it to write the journal.
The focus next week will be completing my review of the literature and patient’ current management, and recommendations to my preceptor.

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