Practical Theology

| February 14, 2014

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“Pre-Course Work”
Prepare a 5-page response* to each of the texts (6 books) assigned in the course (Outcomes 1 & 4 below).
The format for each paper is as follows:
1) Articulate the author(s)? primary argument, while providing a critical analysis of the text?s logic and applicability to ministry (2 pages);
2) Identify 3 questions raised by the text and a description of the way each issue intersects with your present ministry (1 page per question, 3 pages total).
Knowing ? To increase familiarity with prominent approaches to theological reasoning (e.g.
narrative, process, correlational, political) as well as key methodological questions (e.g.
determining a proper use of social scientific information) involved in the practice of theology
in ecclesial contexts today.
Doing ? To gain proficiency thinking and communicating theologically about the many
pastoral, congregational, and socio-political issues facing ministers today.
Being ? To deepen knowledge of and faithfulness to the God who is Father/Mother, Son, and
Holy Spirit.
At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:
1. Articulate at least three contemporary approaches to theological reasoning, documenting
both strengths and weaknesses in their applicability to ministry.
2. Describe a theological method appropriate to your anticipated research project.
3. Demonstrate the ability to engage fellow ministers in theological reflection through
careful listening, respectful questioning, and helpful suggestion.
4. Document personal spiritual engagement in the practice of theology through reflection on
the theological issues raised in your context of ministry.
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