Practical ethics;Disability

| May 20, 2015



” Is it permissible to impose a disability on a new-born child? Is it permissible to reverse a disability of a new-born child? What do your answers imply about whether disability is a “mere difference”?”
In the essay you must show critical reasoning about the relevant philosophical issues. *Also, you must present an argument for a thesis that answers the essay question, the argument must be persuasive. * The essay must stick to what is relevant, so don’t wander off‐track * The arguments must be described or offered in a way that makes clear what their premises are, and how the arguments’ inferences are meant to work? I’ll upload some relevant articles of which you must refer to and use in the essay though feel free to include more articles in your research if you think they’re helpful Make sure to produce your premisses clearly and respond to them in a suitable way this is a critical point so make sure you do so



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