Practical Application

| June 19, 2015

Topic: Practical Application
The Question in this category involves the application of relevant theory and research to real life situations, considering social, cultural, and ethical issues as appropriate. Students are expected to compose responses that solve specific problems and discuss implications of their ideas for application with a broad range of issues in the field (of instructional leadership).

Referencing at least five peer-reviewed journal articles, respond to the following questions:

How can a theory guide or inform practice? What are the issues involved in translating theory into practice?

Identify at least an additional five peer-reviewed articles (published in the last 5 years) that address how one of the theories you discussed in question 1 has actually been applied. Critically evaluate the appropriateness of the uses to which the theory has been applied. Consider, for example: Are the applications premised upon an accurate understanding of the theory and its scope? Do the applications “go beyond” what the theory claims? Is the reasoning linking application and theory sound?

Learning Outcomes: 2. Critique existing research and design a methodologically sound approach to research in the student’s academic specialization(s).

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