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| July 18, 2016

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Action plans should clearly identify a need or a problem that the team will take action to address. Keeping in mind CBR principles, action plans should address the following questions:


What is the social problem that you would like to address? Why do you want to take action? What objectives do you want to achieve? How should it happen (which methods will you use)?

What are the barriers to achieving identified objectives? What will facilitate their achievement?

What resources do you need?

Who else should be involved? Why and how should they be involved?

When should it happen?

Different formats can be used to present action plans including up to 10 power point slides, poster/e-poster, video, interactive brochure/newsletter, Moodle wiki… If you are presenting in an innovative format e.g. video, please create a document with a title page according to the description of all assignments in the syllabus, add the link to your video, and submit it through the Assignment #2 page to allow me to grade it using the Moodle gradebook.


will select a topic relevant for persons with disabilities in their community and based on the CBR matrix. Over the course of weeks students will develop an action plan to make specific program or service inclusive of and accessible to persons with disabilities

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