| March 22, 2015

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1. Your paper should start with an introduction (one paragraph) that contains
your thesis statement. A thesis statement is usually one sentence that gives
one main idea about your character, and you will support this idea with
evidence from various sources. Some examples of thesis statements are:
a. The myth of Pandora sends a message that women can be evil and
should not be trusted.
b. The myth of Demeter shows that the Greek gods can have a range of
emotions including love, anger, and grief and these emotions can cause
problems in the human world.
2. After the introduction you will need 2-3 paragraphs that give a general
overview and description of the character
3. The main part of your paper should contain a discussion of the primary
sources (myths and artwork) that you found from www.theoi.com. What
do these sources tell us about this character? In some cases the sources
may give conflicting information or present different aspects of the
character. This is related to the diversity of Greek myth and local versions
or differences. In other cases the sources may be very similar. Remember
you need to discuss at least 2 written sources and 2 images (artwork).
4. Throughout your paper you need to give in-text citations in MLA style.
For all the information in your paper you need write which source you
found it in. The citations will look like:
After her daughter was captured, Demeter went to Eleusis (Homeric
Hymn to Demeter, 72–160).
The myth of Demeter was probably related to the Eleusinian mysteries
(Morford and Lenardon, 341–346).
You can consult the following website for more examples
5. Your paper should be 5-6 pages long (double-spaced), not including the
bibliography and images. You should copy and paste your primary source
images into the paper or place them at the end. Remember to give a
caption for each image including a citation for www.theoi.com as the
source of the image. You should use at least 6 sources for your paper,
including primary sources. Use MLA style for the citations and
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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