Portfolio C: Business Documents Instructions

| February 12, 2014

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You must write two documents as follows:
1. Document 1 (page 1) is an email from the PR Manager to Amanda Chang-Brown, the
founder and Managing Director of GCCPL. The purpose of this email is to persuade Ms
Chang-Brown to authorize recruitment of a new National Crisis Communication Manager
within the Public Relations Department, and to fund a crisis communication training
program for all senior managers. Ms Chang-Brown will be reluctant to agree.
2. Document 2 (page 2) is an email from the newly appointed National Crisis Communication
Manager to each GCCPL State Manager. In this email the new appointee introduces himself
and explains the reasons for his appointment. He also provides details of a forthcoming two day
retreat for GCCPL’s Senior Managers, which will be held on the Gold Coast, and where
he has arranged for a team of crisis communication specialist consultants to provide an
intensive, customized training program.
include at least two different citations (unusual in a business context, but necessary here
for assessment purposes)
o be written using the Portfolio C: Business Documents Template (page 6)
For each email document in Portfolio C: Business Documents, you must include ideas from at least
two different sources and hence at least two different citations.
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