Portfolio B

| February 15, 2014

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Choose one of the five my provided articles on crisis communication. Read the chosen article carefully and answer the following five questions on Portfolio B: Article Analysis page 1 . Approximate word counts are provided as a guide to the amount of information required for each question.
1. Provide the full reference for your chosen article as a heading at the top of your work.
2. Do not copy out the questions (as this will increase your Turnitin score), but do write the
question number before each answer.
3. Answer all questions in your own words; any quotations which are longer than three words
will be ignored and not assessed.
4. Use the author-date Harvard style (refer pp. 4-5 below) to include citations within your
answers, for all ideas taken from your chosen article. If the idea is specific, the citation must
also include the page number(s).
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