Porter's Five forces model of industry competition

| September 26, 2015

Porter’s Five forces model of industry competition

You will be using Porter’s Five-Forces Model of Industry Competition (see chapter 2) to analyze an industry of your choosing and approved by the professor.
For this assignment, you must write a 10 page paper (10 full pages not including the title and reference pages) presenting for your approved industry: The bargain clothing industry
Important Directions
? A minimum of five company resources is required. Specifically, you must research at least 5 companies that operate in the U.S. or globally to reflect the industry.
? A minimum of 10 pages not including the title page and references pages. Students who submit a final draft that does not meet the full minimum 10-page requirement (not including the title and references pages) will automatically receive a zero for the assignment.
? The textbook cannot be used as a source.
? The paper must be accurately and thoroughly cited according to APA style
? The paper must be accurately formatted according to APA style
? Direct quotes are not permitted
? Free of spelling, grammatical, and writing style errors
? Must be written in third person
? A template for the paper is available below and must be used by each student
? Do not include an abstract
? The final draft will be checked by Turnitin for possible plagiarism issues

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