Political Systems and Ideas

| March 22, 2015

Political Systems and Ideas


I have this essay to do. It needs to be in response to the Edmund Burke’s article. I need to write my point of view as which needs to be controversial to Burke’s point of view and i also need to show an evidence for why my point of view is better than Burke’s point of view. The essay needs to have 4-5 pages(11- Times New Roman).

Section Essay AssignmentOverviewIn this course you will produce two short essays that are intended to allow you to show your mastery over the material in sections two and three of the course as well as your progress on the learning outcomes described in the syllabus. You will select a topic covered in the additional required readings (i.e. readings other than those in the Heywood text) for each section and write an essay that articulates your own position on that issue. Did you agree or disagree with the conclusions presented? Why? What is the logic that leads you to your reading of the issue and why should anyone else find it persuasive? Be sure to select an article from the appropriate sections for each essay. You must write an essay in reaction to one of the additional required readings for sections two and three.You may not write your essay in response to the Heywood text.These essays are primarily intended as an opportunity for you to construct your own position on the issues you choose. As such, you are not allowed to reference sources from outside of this course. However, you are expected to construct logical, analytical, and persuasive arguments for the positions you choose. EvidenceYou must support your position with evidence that would be credible to a skeptical reader. However, keep in mind that there are different forms of evidence. Be sure the kind of evidence you select is appropriate for the argument you are making in your essay.Empirical EvidenceEmpirical evidence is observable or finite evidence. You might think of this kind of evidence as “facts” that can be determined with reasonable certainty by observation. For example, if you argue that 50% of Americans are male you are asserting a fact that can be observed with reasonable certainty. This kind of argument must be supported by evidence of such an observation by a creditable source and that source must be accurately cited. Creditable sources in academia include peer reviewed journals

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