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| January 8, 2016

Australasian Conference on Information Systems

A couple of students have queried marking criteria. You are required to follow the guidance by Lee (1995) in constructing your critical review of the paper you have been allocated. There are 15 criteria to address. Some are explicit such as 2.1 which is “start out with your own summary of the paper” and I would expect about 300 words explanation of this. For other criteria you will have to judge the expectations but overall I would expect a document of about 2,500-3,000 words.

Some students do not seem to understand which paper they are to review. Your paper number is located in the header under your student number and email address. It should be obvious. You will find the relevant paper at the website given in the body of the assignment specification. Please do not ask me to send you any papers that is your task to find them.

There is no specific submission format. However you should clearly show how you have addressed the guidelines by Lee (1995).

This assignment will be assessed holistically, that is you will either pass the assignment (or pass the course) or fail the assignment (and fail the course). You have more than a month to complete the task, it is up to you now.
CIS8500: Make-up Assignment
Paper Number: 84
Weighting: 100%
Total Marks: 100
Due Date: 18 January 2016
Specification: Critical Review of Published Research Article
Your task in this make-up assignment is to undertake a critical review of a research article. The paper selected for you (see above 84) is from the recent Australasian Conference on Information Systems held in Adelaide in early December 2015. The conference website is:
You can also find a link to the program and full proceedings here:
Your critical review should follow the guidance provided by Allen Lee in his article, which you should have already obtained or can obtain now:
Lee, AS 1995, ‘Reviewing a manuscript for publication’, Journal of Operations Management, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 87-92.
Professor Lee’s article includes 15 actionable activities all of which you need to address in your review.
When you have completed your review and produced your review document please send it directly to the course.

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