Political Science – Final Paper Topic:

| March 22, 2015

Political Science – Final Paper Topic


Political Science – Final Paper Topic: Property Law Your task is to write a 5 to page paper 7 (minimum 1200 words) that includes the following information about the topic: 1. Basic legal principles in the area of law 2. Major historical cases 3. Current Issue (opportunity to explore a recent new law, court case, legal question, etc. pertaining to the area of law that is of interest to you) While I want you, as writers/presenters, to become experts in order to answer peer questions based on your paper, you will not be able to incorporate all of the information that you find. This is a broad strokes introduction to your assigned topic of law. Your ORIGINAL paper should contain the major highlights of the area of law with an analysis of a specific/current aspect of your assigned type of law that is most interesting to you. As a starting place, I have provided reading materials for each topic. Please Note: You will need to do some additional research, in order to discuss a current issue, especially. I have also provided a few resource links in angel that may be useful. Guidelines: 1.) SINGLE SPACED HEADER – Name, Date, Class title (this does not count towards your five to seven pages) 2.) Five to Seven pages (plus works cited) 3.) Include page numbers 4.) Font: Times New Roman 12 5.) Double-spaced 6.) Margins of 1 in. 7.) ALL RESEARCH AND SOURCES MUST BE CITED IN YOUR TEXT and DOCUMENTED IN A PROPERLY FORMATTED MLA OR APA STYLE BIBLIOGRAPHY a. * Reminder: DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA not a reliable source of information* or nonacademic sources like About.com, Cliffnotes, etc.– Grading __ of 100 points – Demonstrated critical thinking and understanding of area of law ??Quality and content of information ??Basics Principles of area of law highlighted ??Legal terminology defined ??Importance of major historical cases addressed and analyzed ??Selected an appropriate current issue and provided analysis of issue __ of 50 points

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