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| December 16, 2015

Politics Of Latin America

6 pages minimum, double or single-spaced, 1” margins. All sources must be cited in text or via footnote.

Please use an approved citation style:  APA, MLA or Chicago.

Papers without proper citations will be graded down or will receive no credit.  For information about citation styles go to Purdue Owl: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/section/2/.  

Please use only class materials provided and  (2) current events (only approved outside source).

Please make sure to write “my thesis is” in the introduction and conclusion.

Please note the citation style you are using 


Global linkages and the Ongoing Revolution: Cuba, Venezuela and US Foreign policy


The Latin American countries of Cuba, Guatemala and Venezuela have all been influenced by US foreign policy.  This paper will ask you to identify the nature of this relationship based on the readings and films discussed in class.


When Hugo Chavez was elected president in 1998 with a nationalist agenda and an internationalist anti-American foreign policy agenda he made strengthening Venezuela’s ties to Cuba a national priority. In what ways does this alliance represent a failure of US foreign policy in Latin America? Why? What do the course materials suggest about the similarities between Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez in the context of their achievements including their leadership, economic policy and foreign relations? What are the characteristics of each leader? What impact have they had on the region and on the United States? What does it say about US intervention in the region in general?  What do you expect to find in these countries 10 years from now? Why? Find one current event (for each country) to support your position and discuss it in the conclusion of your essay.


You should think about how each leader came to power, the nature of government created including type of political system and economic agenda; and the problems that have arisen between Cuba and Venezuela and the US.


Make sure to cite Vanden, Grandin and Carroll  in your discussion.

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Political Science assignment help
Political Science assignment help

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