Political Economy of Canada

| February 12, 2014

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3 essay questions. All must be based on the these required texts ONLY!
1.Since the household [in the simplest form of competitive capitalism] always has the alternative of producing directly for itself, it need not enter into any exchange unless it benefits from it. Hence no exchange will take place unless both parties gain from it. Cooperation is thereby achieved without coercion…. In the complex enterprise and money-exchange economy, co-operation is strictly individual and voluntary provided… that individuals are effectively free to enter or not into any particular exchange, so that every transaction is strictly voluntary…. Payment according to product is therefore strictly necessary in order that resources be used most effectively, at least under a system depending on voluntary co-operation." (Milton Friedman, Capitalism and Freedom)
What would Marx have to say about this view of capitalism and freedom based on his views of exchange, value, exploitation and accumulation?
2. Colonial Canada had slavery but no development of the slave mode of production as in the southern US, the Caribbean and coastal Latin America. What was the Atlantic slave triangle that was so critical to the world market for 300 years? What was slavery in Canada and how did it compare to other forms of unfree labour (as say with Chinese labour or the Irish)? How did Colonial Canada fit into the trading schemes of the British slave trade under the first Pax Brittania?
3. Colonization and early development took many forms in Canada. Describe the character and social structures of colonization in two regions of Canada ? Newfoundland, the Maritimes, New France, Upper Canada, the Prairies, or BC ? and contrast their early economic developments and how this shaped their transition to capitalism in the mid-19th century.
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