Poland Spring for Saks sales projectSales Project: The sales project includes a report (in three parts) and a role play. This is an individual project, however, for the role play you will also serve as a potential buyer for another student.

Report Part 2
Section 3: Probing Questions (Max 3 pages)
•Are your customers happy with the size of the water bottles you offer to them?
•How many of your clients ask for water while shopping?
•Don’t you think you are wasting too much water from the customers that doesn’t finish their entire bottle?
Need Satisfaction
Section 4: Handling Objections (max 4 pages)
Create a list of five objections a prospect may use about your product and your responses.
Use first person and be specific to the product you are selling. For example:
Objection “I do not understand what makes your control system different from the one we are currently using.”
Your Response: “I am glad for the opportunity to explain how our product can make a difference. Our control system is unique in its ability to maintain the temperature and humidity within 0.1% of the set point.”
Section 5: Closing (max 2 pages)
Provide two closing statements (using two different closing methods) that you could use under
the following two conditions. That is, you will write two closing statements for each condition. Condition 1: Your prospect has full authority to make purchasing decisions.
Condition 2: Your prospect must confer with someone else in order to authorize a purchase.