Poetry analysis (connotation/denotation) – No Hidden Meaning in Poetry

| May 21, 2015

Write an analytical essay using 2 Australian poems to support the thesis.

The essay will be a defence of poetry, using two selected poems to illustrate how the idea of hidden meanings in poetry is a fallacy, and how this can be best explained in terms of Denotation and Connotation. This is the basic task which must simply be refined in order to address a directed thesis.

Thesis : “What we recognize in Poetry is the truth that we imagined only we knew” (We read a poem and think to ourselves, yeah, that’s true, I’ve seen that, I always thought that way myself. The poet got it right. No hidden meanings there. I recognize that people would think that way.)

1. The First Man To See A Rainbow by Eric Paul Shaffer
2. Barn Owl by Gwen Harwood

2/3 of the essay must be talking about 1st poem

I have class notes on Barn Owl (because it is the poem that I studied in class).
But none for The First Man To See A Rainbow (got given the poem today and have 2 days to plan and pre write the essay before the exam)

***Please read the task and samples carefully.***

See the uploaded files for
1. Task in details, poems and structure of the essay.
2. Class notes on Barn Owl.
3. Sample and model essays/ paragraphs.

The task seems a bit confusing but the sample essays could help. You can definitely copy the notes on barn owl to use as part of essay.



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