Poetics of Display

| February 27, 2015

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Do a 3 page piece on the “poetics of display” and write about a specific instance of animals on display
1. focus on 1 exhibit
2. how does the exhibit use bars, glass or other devices to keep the animal contained?
3. does the exhibit try to situate the animal in its “authentic habitat”?
4. listen to how people talk about the animal and the exhibit. what do they say? how do they interact with the animals?
5. qualities of the exhibit: is it a large space? do the animals have places to hide? is there faux rock/ trees/ect.? does the exhibit smell? what else do you notice?
6. what is your impression of the animals? are they bored? entertained?
7. in your option do you think the exhibit is ethical? do you think this exhibit is done in a way that benefits/ mistreats the animals enclosed? why or why not?
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