PM and Contracting

| July 24, 2015


You have three topics from which you may choose. You must choose only one topic and respond to the situation making your recommendations to the scenario.

Please note that there is no single answer to this scenario, but you should keep your focus on contracts, procurement, and subcontracts issues in your response.

Required Formatting of Scenario Essay:

  • This essay should be double spaced, 12-point font, and three to four pages in length excluding the title page and reference page;
  • This paper is to be written in the third person.  There should be no words in the paper such as “I and we.”
  • Title page with your name, the course name, title of paper, the date, and instructor’s name;
  • Include reference page;
  • Use APA formatting for in-text citations and reference page;
  • Students need to paraphrase and avoid direct quotes




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